John B. Mors

"Bench, Anasazi."

"Bench, Anasazi".
Steel. 2000.
20" x 30" x 20".
The Anasazi inhabited the American South-West from approximately 800 to 1400 AD. The subject of the sculpture is their cliff dwellings located at Mesa Verde, Colorado.

The box form sculptures are derived from the concept of levels of knowledge.
Initially, the sculptures may appear as abstract forms. But, to someone familiar with South-West American Indian culture, the forms are known. The person aware of its history also realizes the historical continuity of the Anasazi house and ceremonial forms of building, and the significance of "Bench, Anasazi".
However, as always, it is only the maker of the object who knows the truth or otherwise of the piece. For it is he who knows what is revealed and what is withheld.

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