John B. Mors


    "Bench, Ostia."

"Bench, Ostia".
Steel. 2000.
20" x 24" x 10".
These benches are common at Ostia Antica, the old port of Rome. Being reserved for the exclusive use of men, the benches reflect the disparity between the sexes in Roman society.

The box form sculptures are derived from the concept of levels of knowledge.
Initially, the sculptures may appear as abstract forms, but someone familiar with Roman culture knows the forms. The person aware of Roman history may think that they know the significance of "Bench, Ostia". But, it is the person familiar with the town of Ostia Antica, and travel in Italy, who really knows their significance.
However, as always, it is only the maker of the object who knows the truth or otherwise of the piece. For it is he who knows what is revealed and what is withheld.

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