John B. Mors


"Box Series"



The box form sculptures are derived from the concept of levels of knowledge.
Initially, the sculptures may appear as abstract forms. To someone familiar with Anasazi culture, the forms are known. The person aware of Anasazi history may think that they know the relationship between "Basketmaker House" and "Kiva". But, it is the person familiar with Hopi mythology who really knows the relationship. However, as always, it is only the maker of the object who knows the truth or otherwise of the piece. For it is he who knows what is revealed and what is withheld.


The box form series of sculptures is derived in my interest in minimal forms, and forms placed on the ground. These forms are therefore introverted. They do not approach the viewer with their meaning. It is the task of the viewer to determine the meaning, and what is revealed or concealed in the form.

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