John B. Mors

"Cliff House and Kiva, Mesa Verde, Colorado."

"Cliff House and Kiva, Mesa Verde, Colorado."
Steel. 1990. 50" x 20" x 15".
The Anasazi were American Indians who resided in the four corners ( Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona ) area of the United States from approximately 800 to 1400 AD. The early form of their house is referred to as the 'basketmaker house'. Over time, the house form moved further out of the ground, while the ceremonial lodge, the kiva, moved further into the ground. This demonstrates the significance of house and religious dwelling forms as reflecting the origin of a culture.This sculpture therefore shows the two house forms derived from the basketmaker house.

The sculpture is derived in my interest in minimal forms, and forms placed on the ground. These forms are therefore introverted. They do not approach the viewer with their meaning. It is the task of the viewer to determine the meaning, and what is revealed or concealed in the form.

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