John B. Mors


Sculpture on the Grounds, 2012

Glenview Mansion at Rockville Civic Center Park.
June 3 through October 26, 2012


The Wind in The Willows:

The Mole had been working very hard all the morning.

Even though he had been working very hard, he was really hoping for a new adventure. When Betty Wisda told him that he had been invited to visit Rockville Civic Park, he was really excited. "A Park. And in Rockville. I really would like to see that. And. Yes. I get to meet other sculptures. I hope they are as excited as me about the trip."

However, despite his excitement, mole was a bit hesitant. (You see beneath a bold exterior, mole was really rather shy ). "It will be fine" said SirNed, who had visited Rockville in 2010. "It is a really pleasant place, and everyone is really welcoming".

"Great" said Mole. "When can I go?"

"I hope a lot of people come to visit me."


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