John B. Mors




I have been working on a series of "Chimneys". This is just a working title, and a final series title will be determined later. This series is now being extended into a series called "Helmets".

There was initially intended to be six sculptures in the series ( now ten conceived and sketched ), and they are intended for exhibition in 2003, at a location yet to be disclosed.

The concept for the sculptures originated at the end of 2000, but they were not started until 2001


The first piece was intended to be based on the Acropolis, but in some ways the imagery is closer to Pompeii. The series was intended to have a series of subjects:

The basic chimney form will remain constant throughout the series, the variations in the 'add-ons' will relate to the specific subject.

Images of the pieces will be added as work progresses on the pieces.

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