John B. Mors


"Prairie House, Illinois."

Prairie House, Illinois
Steel. 2000.
36" x 48" x 20"
This sculpture is one of a series of five sculptures, representing the different styles ( periods or ages ) of Frank Lloyd Wright, based on:
  • Frank Lloyd Home and Studio, Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Unity Temple, Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Fallingwater ( Kaufmann House ), Mill Run, Pennsylvania.
  • Prairie House, Illinois.
  • Usonian House, Pope-Leighey Home, Alexandria, Virginia.
The sculpture is concerned with the visual geometry of the Prairie houses of Frank Lloyd Wright, especially the Robie House. The aim is to recreate the blocking of masses apparent in the houses.

The sculpture of the house may resemble kid's blocks. This is intentional. Frank Lloyd Wright was influenced by the work of Fredrich Froebel ( the inventor of Kindergarten ), and John Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright's son, was the inventor of Lincoln Logs. Hence it is not surprising that Frank Lloyd Wright used a building block approach to form.

Interestingly after the base for the sculpture was fabricated, I discovered that the entire sculpture actually resembles an inverted light in the book "The Wright Style". It was very satisfying that I had correctly understood Frank Lloyd Wright's use of forms

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