John B. Mors


  Take of Tour of the
2010 Sculpture on the Grounds

You are invited to take a self-guided tour of six sculptures displayed on the grounds of Rockville’s Civic Center Park located at Baltimore Road and Edmonston Drive. The artwork is part of the 2010 Sculpture on the Grounds display, a temporary exhibition on loan to the City of Rockville. The exhibit represents various styles and media and will be on display through October, 2010.

Programs for self-guided tours, which include artists’ statements, biographical information, and site locations, are available on the first floor of Glenview Mansion at Rockville Civic Center Park.

This temporary exhibit is part of the Art In Public Places Program and is sponsored by the Recreation and Parks Department.

John Mors

Arlington, Va.

Artist's Statement

Sir Ned is the latest addition to the series of sculptures which I showed at Glenview Mansion in 2008. It is a composite image combining sources of the Lewis Chessmen, a 12th century group of armored chessmen, and Ned Kelly, an Australian folk 'hero'. The link between the two sources is that Ned Kelly in his final stand wore a 'suit' of iron.

Inherent in sculpture is the issue of object vs. subject. As a manufactured item, a sculpture is first and foremost an object because it occupied space. But sculptures are invariably about something. This something is the subject, which sets the frame of reference and the context. The issue of sculpture is the uneasy fight for dominance of object or subject.

In my work, I play with this dichotomy of the existence of sculpture. I aim to produce sculpture that is subject but which on closer inspection is object, and vice versa. That is the reason for my choice of steel as a medium, for it has no inherent or assumed subject.

Sir Ned of the Southern Cross.
Steel. 2010.
86" x 30" x 30"



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